Celebrating Female VP Artists Making Waves on Picashot

Celebrating Female VP Artists Making Waves on Picashot

Happy International Women’s Day, Picashot Fam!

To celebrate this year’s Women’s Day, we are spotlighting 11 virtual photographers making waves in the VP industry with the art that is their photos. These women inspire creativity in us, making us take better at the art that is virtual photography.

Each VP artist possesses a unique sense of style in capturing their gameplay through stunning photographs. At different stages of their photographic journey, they showcase their exceptional skills and techniques. The beauty of their photos is a testament to their remarkable abilities, leaving viewers in awe.

Let's dive right in!

Jinx is a skilled virtual photographer who enjoys playing games such as The Last of Us and Death Stranding. Her photography style involves taking close photos of the characters from her games with their expressions and actions creating vivid imageries of these games. With a variety of scenic captures thrown into the mix, Jinx’s creativity is masterful and filled with intrigue.

With over 50 shots from Kena: Bridge of Spirits alone, it is easy to say this game is one of Greenie’s favorites and we love it because her photos allow us to take a glance into her gameplay. Her scenic and action photos tell a tale of power and elegance.

Karla loves playing and taking photos from games like Horizon Forbidden West and this shows all over her photos on Picashot. Her photos are colorful and a dream to behold. No one does it like her!

Using Playstation 5, Mckenna shares her penchant for playing games and sharing stunning images. Her shots consist of games like Ghosts of Tsushima, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Marvel’s Spider-Man amongst others. This photo below is an absolute stunner!

With over 200 photos alone on Picashot. Gertrude’s love for virtual photography shines through with shots from the games from the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Baldur Gate 3, Dishonored, and more. We love her photos because they look effortless, yet have a lot of thought in them!

Rosa plays Cyberpunk 2077 and her love of taking photos of this game shows with over 300 shots from this game alone. Her character-focused photos let us have a taste of what is to come in games and give us a glimpse into what we might enjoy.

Having taken various shots from 21 games, it’s safe to call Kiara a candid virtual photographer. She enjoys taking photos that bring new perspectives to her viewers and makes us squeal at the sheer beauty that we are looking at. Apart from playing on PS5, Kiara is also a cat lover and a movie enthusiast.

Sammie’s photos serve as a reassurance that there are talented virtual photographers and they live amidst us. With an almost whimsical sort of feel, her photos showcase the beauty of games with pops of color. Her photos are beautiful, engaging, and daring.

We are entirely sure no one else does close-up shots like Gywn. Her photos feel like a stare into the souls of characters, trying to figure out if they are who we think them to be. Each photo tells a story we are eager to unearth and we cannot get enough of this!

Whenever we want to see cool shots of Lara Croft from Shadow of The Tomb Raider and other in-game women, Rykaine's profile is where we go. Her photos, from the close-up shots to the action shots are superb. She always captures her character's expressions succinctly. We are in awe!

Ari takes some of the best game photos we have ever seen. Her images are phenomenal and they perfectly capture the scenes we want to be immediately transported to! From the incredible scenic shots to the stunning character photos, we are always ready to learn a thing or two from Ari. She's a master at taking the best photos! Take this from us!

We say a very big thank you for showing us how best to play games and share photos of these games through Picashot. It is a humbling and honoring experience to write about these amazing women and their art. Follow them, interact with their posts, and learn from them!

Keep sharing on Picashot. Cheers!