February Round-Up: The Month of Love, Stunning Photos and Creativity

Hello, world-best VP artists!

Don’t look back, yes we are talking to you!

That’s you. You don’t believe me?

Take a look at your photos!

We are so glad you made it through February. It started wonderfully because you were in it and it ended great for the same reason!

We came back this month with a bang and we plan to maintain the momentum but this is only possible because of you. Thank you for always being a part of us!

Let's take a look at what we did in February

We started the month with new updates regarding your use of Picashot. We have moved from just being an app for sharing your photos with fellow VP artists to providing you with a space to share your photos with a wider audience. Seeing your craft shine is one of our favorite things, and there's no better way to do this than using Picashot as your go-to portfolio app. To know more about this update, read more on the blog.

As usual, you shared breathtaking photos, and putting these photos together was an arduous task. We wanted to share everything instead! We loved January's photo dump and we are looking forward to the next one already!

Learning, learning, and more learning

Don't know about you, but when it comes to knowing about how to better our creativity as VP artists, we will always be there. However, we are not selfish and this is why we took to share how to take the best shots and even moved on to sharing creative editing tips to get those photos from good to treat. Have you read these yet?

On the note of learning, we also have been learning and sharing the wonderful things we know about virtual photography, all its intersections such as the integration of storytelling in your art, and the many ways virtual photography is impacting the gaming industry. If you've read the latter article, do you think there are more ways we didn't explore? We'd like to know.

To help guide your use of the Picashot web and app, we wrote a guide that can help you trace your steps while using Picashot. It's vital to us that you are aware of the many ways you can use Picashot. This way, you can use the app judiciously and to your, as well as our satisfaction.

We shared details on how to apply filters to properly notify your audience of suggestive content. We boast of a respectful and inclusive community at Picashot and we would hate your photos to be taken down because you didn't follow proper guidelines. Kindly read more on the blog to know what this entails.

Romance, Photos and Lovers

Everybody calls February the month of love. If we are to speak for February, we can tell you she's pretty tired of hearing the same old thing every year but she allows it as the only month gracious enough to take 28 days and 29, in the case of leap years like 2024.

Still, we honored February by sharing photos from some of our favorite VP artists on Picashot. These photos depict love, romance, and trust in different forms. This showcase displayed love, gaming, and everything in between. Which photo is your fave from the ones we shared?

VP Spotlight of the Month

We interviewed Tyler, who goes by Amich on Picashot. He is an incredibly talented VP artist and it was an honor to have a conversation on what video games and virtual photography mean to him. Get to know about Tyler and his passion for virtual photography on the blog.

February VP Events

We hosted 3 VP events in February and y'all showed up and showed out with your photos.

  • Dreamy Frames #1

This was our first event of the year where you shared beautiful, unreal shots infused in soft lighting. Check out the highlights here.

| Shared by @NovA1990 via X

Our 2nd VP was even better. You shared gorgeous, yet simple shots that truly embodies what modern minimalism is.

| Shared by @kristina_m0509 via X

Check out the rest of the highlights on Picashot.

  • Abstract Art

This is the 3rd VP event for February and entries are still coming in! Use #PicashotAbstractArt to check out the entries we have so far! Don't forget to share yours if you haven't!

It's been so cool catching up with you but the photos won't edit themselves so now, we've got to go! We will be back to round up whatever you might have missed on Picashot for March.

Till then, keep taking awesome pictures and sharing them on Picashot.