How to Select Photos for your Picashot Portfolio Highlights

How to Select Photos for your Picashot Portfolio Highlights

In a previous blog post, we shared how to create a free portfolio for your virtual photos with Picashot. Creating a portfolio not only helps showcase your gaming art beyond the boundaries of Picashot, but also shows a sense of cohesion and professionalism to those looking at your photos.

However, just like everything worthwhile, putting one’s best foot forward is important. This also translates to your portfolio highlights. It’s the first page your viewers see. So, seeing your best photos can help you showcase your creativity as a virtual photographer.

How to choose photos for your portfolio highlights

It’s easy to do pick the photos you want highlighted in your portfolio. You can do that in 7 simple steps.

  • Go to the Picashot community feed on the web app

  • Click on the hamburger icon next to your profile icon at the top right corner.

  • From the menu, select "portfolio highlights".

  • To add photos to your portfolio highlights, click on "Add Photos".

  • Choose the photos you want to include in your portfolio highlights. You can add up to 25 photos.

  • In the "about me" section, provide a brief description about yourself. (This is optional)

  • Once you have added the photos and written your "about me" description, click on "Save Changes".

Voila! You have added your best photos to your highlights section.

It's that simple.

Now, you and your audience can see the highlights on your portfolio. It's your turn. Pick your photos and share them today.

Cover Photos from @seeing_the_v, @BirGamerinalbumu & @Zurullotarra