Picashot Update: How to Rearrange Your Albums

Picashot Update: How to Rearrange Your Albums

Hello, Picashot fam!

Guess what?!

You can now re-arrange albums!

We're thrilled to share this exciting news with you about the latest update to Picashot! We've been listening to your feedback, and one of the most requested features has finally arrived: re-arranging albums. We understand how important it is for you to have a seamless and efficient experience on our platform, and we believe that being able to re-arrange your albums will take your storytelling skills on Picashot to the next level.

With the 're-arrange albums' feature, you now have the power to curate and organize your photos in a way that truly reflects your unique vision. Whether you're a professional photographer looking to showcase your portfolio or simply a newbie who loves capturing beautiful moments, re-arranging your albums will enhance your ability to share your work with the world.

The feature has been designed with your growth in mind, as we believe that it can accelerate your journey toward becoming a better storyteller as a virtual photographer. Whether you prefer to showcase your photos chronologically, by theme, or in any other order, the choice is yours. We believe that this level of customization will greatly enhance your ability to express yourself and engage your audience on Picashot.

How To Rearrange Your Albums

Once you've logged into your account, simply go to the albums section on your profile and tap on it. Look for the rearrange button located at the top right corner. By clicking on this button, you'll be able to hold and move any album of your choice using the handlebars positioned at the top of each album. This intuitive process allows you to easily rearrange your albums to match your taste and preferences, giving you full control over the organization and presentation of your photos on Picashot.

And that’s it…

We're constantly striving to improve and innovate, and this new feature is just one example of our commitment to your satisfaction. We hope you enjoy the flexibility and creative possibilities it offers, and we look forward to seeing the amazing albums you'll create. Thank you for being a valued member of the Picashot community, and we're excited to continue this journey of growth and creativity with you.

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