Picashot April VP Spotlight: Meet Linda (@WalkerGamesVP)

Picashot April VP Spotlight: Meet Linda (@WalkerGamesVP)


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It's that time of the month when we chat with a talented VP artist using Picashot and guess who our spotlighted artist of the month is?

Linda of @walkergamesvp!!!

Linda is a brilliant virtual photographer from the United Kingdom. She started playing games at a very young age and has grown to love virtual photography. Just like our other spotlighted artists, Linda enjoys playing Cyberpunk 2077 and she's known for her amazing shots of automobiles! We cannot get enough of this chat and neither will you!

Enjoy the conversation!

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Linda and I'm from the UK. Most people know me as Risingwalker or Walker though.

How did you get into gaming and virtual photography?

Gaming itself started when I was 8 years old and used to play on my brother's C 64 (yes, I'm old ๐Ÿ˜…) I was amazed by it and have been gaming on various consoles ever since. VP started for me when Driveclub came out. That game has such a good photo mode, especially back in 2014/15. I'm mad for motorbikes so when the bike DLC came out I spent hours taking photos of them. My love of VP grew from that moment on.

Do you play games on PC, Playstation, or Xbox?

I've always been a PlayStation girl but recently bought an Xbox and gaming laptop so I'm using all 3 now. I love that I don't have to miss out on exclusives anymore.

Do you have a favorite game to play? If yes, why is it your favorite game?

At the moment I'd say Cyberpunk. It's one I keep going back to. It's so vibrant and exciting, even after so many playthroughs I'm still discovering new stuff in it. But I'm also a big lover of simulator games so EuroTruck Simulator 2 comes a close second.

Is there a backstory behind your username? Can you share it with us?

Yes! Most people think it's to do with Zombies but it's not. I used to work very early in the morning so I had to โ€˜riseโ€™ early and I don't drive so I walked to work, so when first created my PS account, Risingwalker was born. Walker Games is an extension of it for my VP.

Do you have a set photography style? If you do, what is the inspiration behind it?

I don't think I do. I like to experiment with all styles and angles. My favourite VP is always vehicle photography though, especially motorbikes!

Do you have any favorite virtual photographs that you've taken? If so, what makes them special to you?


This shot of Jackie Wells is one of my favourites from all my Cyberpunk ones. Jackie is such a brilliant character. I've made 8 different characters so far on Cyberpunk and having to lose Jackie each playthrough is a killer ๐Ÿ˜ข

I love Mads so this is a firm favourite of mine. The excitement of him being in death stranding was epic. I was in awe at the first encounter so this photo holds special memories.

This is one of my favourite shots from Ride 5

I experimented a little with this one, usually I take up close photos of bikes on the lean as I love the angle but I wanted to capture that race feel with this one and think I pulled it off, I'm certainly proud of it.

Do you edit your virtual photos after capturing them, and if so, what software or tools do you use?

I do. I do as much as possible in the game but then run them through the Lightroom app on my phone and tweak lighting and colours etc.

Can you share any tips or tricks for capturing stunning virtual photos?

My tip would be to keep trying new stuff and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Experiment with exposure, DoF, and using different angles.

Are there any game developers or virtual photographers who inspire your art?

There are 3 favourite fellow VPs of mine who have inspired me to take better photos and have often given me advice too. They are @ChintX_VP, @Spud497 and @KeenEyeVP

How has virtual photography enhanced your gaming experience?

I appreciate games much more, the work that goes into them, and the beauty of each game. I also take much longer to complete a game due to stopping every minute to take photos! It allows me to see much more of the game than if I'd just played it without the VP being part of it. It's great that I have all these photos and the memories that go with them to look through and remember. It gives a whole new perspective to gaming.

What is the most challenging aspect of virtual photography for you?

I think for me, it's taking a good character or portrait shot without it looking flat. Some games are easier than others. Some, I find it harder to achieve. I like a challenge though so I keep at it!

We have five questions, ready to answer?

If you could live in any virtual world, which would it be?

Oh, it would have to be the Horizon series world. I love the machines and how intricate, beautiful, and dangerous they are. I think it would be an amazing place to live.

If you were to be a game character, who would you be?

Most definitely Aloy. She's headstrong, determined, stubborn, and ginger, just like me!

If you could become an official capture artist for a game studio, which studio would you choose and why?

CD Projekt Red. Their games are so full of life with so many great photo opportunities. I also love that they really listen to their fanbase and implement changes that we as fans ask for. That 90% rotation on Cyberpunk being a biggie!

Would you rather create a renowned video game or have shares in the world's most profitable video game?

I would much rather create something amazing than just have money from having shares in a game. It must feel amazing to see all your hard work play out and see many enjoy it.

Can you share a gaming/virtual photography experience that had an emotional impact on you?

That has to be one of The Walking Dead's telltale games. The one where Lee dies. I actually cried at that one. It was really emotional and so well written.

Whew. That was so sad. Thanks for sharing!

What's your favorite feature on Picashot?

I love the highlights. I love to see all the new photos and discover VPs I've not seen before.

Are there any features you'd like to see on Picashot?

I'd love to see an Indie game showcase or contest. There are some great indie games with great photo modes out there.

Any advice for aspiring virtual photographers?

My advice is to experiment, try new things and enjoy what you're doing. Never let it become a thing about how many likes or reposts you get. The best photos are taken when you truly enjoy what you're doing. Have a look at other VPs and take inspiration from them as well. I look back at when I first started and can see how far I've come from just learning from other VPs.

Thank you, Linda! We have learned quite a bit from you from sharing parts of your love for gaming and virtual photography with us! Keep sharing your talent with us on Picashot!

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