Picashot Update: Enabling Downloads

Picashot Update: Enabling Downloads

Hello Picashot Fam,

It's been raining updates on Picashot. We re-introduced comments and brought in sorting albums. It has been a tireless journey behind the scenes to bring you features that will enhance your Picashot experience.

So, we have another exciting update for you!

You can now download photos on Picashot. How thrilling is that?

Imagine seeing a perfect photo from a VP artist on your feed. It's only right that you want to make it your wallpaper or share it with your audience outside of Picashot. You can do that now and download the photo at the same upload quality.

What do you need to know about this Picashot download feature?

  • Every Picashot user has the download feature on the Picashot mobile app/web app.

  • The download feature is disabled by default.

  • To download a photo, the account owner/artist needs to enable the download feature.

  • Only the account owner/artist can use the download feature unless they enable it for you to download.

  • For photos you can download on mobile, the download icon will be visible.

  • You can enable downloads for your older photos.

  • To enable this feature for your older photos, go to the edit section of your post and enable it for download.

  • You can select the photo(s) you want to download if the post has more than 1 photo.

  • You can download photos at varying resolutions. We have the small, medium and large qualities.

  • This new update is available on the web, as well as Appstore and Google Play Store, for all app users.

How to Enable the Download Feature on Picashot

After uploading your photos and providing all the required details, such as adding tags for easier search, you have the option to enable or disable downloads for your photo(s). By checking the download button, you can allow other Picashot users to download your photo.

How to Download on the Mobile App

To download on Picashot's mobile app, tap the download button situated between the comment and share button. You will then be prompted to choose what quality you would prefer to download at. Choose your preference and download!

How to Download on the Web App

To download on Picashot's web app, simply tap on the download button, choose your preferred resolution and viola! you have your photo!

What are you waiting for?

Fire up your app and start enabling downloads. Don't forget to tell others about Picashot. Let them join in the fun too!

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Cover Photo from @UnfazedVP