Picashot May VP Spotlight: Meet Karla (@ForgottenJasmin)

Picashot May VP Spotlight: Meet Karla (@ForgottenJasmin)

Hi, Picashot fam!

The month is almost over but it's not done until we share our virtual gaming photographer of the month. June has been really pleasant to us, we hope you share this same sentiment. We shared our thoughts on regular and cinematic photography as well as tips and tricks for capturing cinematic shots. Did you learn a thing or two?

Today's spotlight is on the ever-amiable Karla who is also known as ForgottenJasmin. She's an avid gamer whose photos we are absolutely in love with. Karla has been a gamer since she was young, exploring different virtual worlds. Her love for gaming led her to virtual photography and we enjoyed having this chat about how these two intersect. She also shared other things she enjoys as hobbies, as well as other interesting details you'd love to read about.

Let's talk to Karla.

What is your name and where are you from?

Hello there! My name is Karla Araujo and I’m from Mexico!

How did you get into gaming and virtual photography?

I have been gaming since I was a child! I guess it was thanks to my brothers, my happiest memories are when we were playing the Nintendo 64. VP, however was a recent hobby! I was just playing TLOU2 and then I opened the photo mode, then I started to think “If I have experience with a real camera, what could be the difference with a virtual camera?” so that’s where it all began because I remembered when I tried Horizon Zero Dawn just for the photo mode haha but I fell in love with the game and story and then with taking photos.

Do you play games on PC, Playstation, or Xbox?

Mostly on Playstation, rarely on Xbox.

Do you have a favorite game to play? If yes, why is it your favorite game?

Yeeeesss!!! My favorites are Dark Souls 3, Devil May Cry 3, and Dead Rising....I mean in terms of playing and replaying it! But if it is in terms of story, graphics, gameplay, etc, it could be Transistor, Silent Hill 3, Final Fantasy Vii, or Resident Evil Code Veronica.

Is there a backstory behind your username? Can you share it with us?

Yes! I based my username on the ending of an indie RPG named IB. It’s called “Forgotten Portrait.” I guess it was one of the best endings, very dramatic and sad! And if you notice my real name, it’s not Jasmine! I’m Karla, but I really like this character from the novel, Deltora Quest, she’s savage, brave and strong! I identify with her a lot.

Do you have any favorite virtual photos that you've taken? If so, what makes them special to you?

Jill Warrick (FF16) → Even with the light limitations, I managed to take a soft and delicate photo of Jill in her new armor! I feel proud of that.

Aerith with green background (FF7) → Similar to Jill, but the PM in FF7 is the worst in any game, so I really like how she looks, her eyes, the pose, and the colors.

Aloy Yellow Flowers (HFW) → This one is particularly special because it was with this photo that Guerrilla noticed my work and, in that year, I was part of the community video which made me very happy.

Do you edit your photos after capturing them, and if so, what software or tools do you use?

Usually, I tend to use Picsart and Adobe Lightroom, the TV screen is reaaaally different from a phone and I need to put more light in my photos or highlight the character.

What’s your favorite thing to do apart from gaming?

I love photography, baking (cakes, cookies, cheesecake, etc), traveling and reading/watching Anime!

Are there any game developers or virtual photographers who inspire your art?

Yes! There’s a lot. Some of them include – Sirevanztheduke, wendygrufino, silentsnake, amich_vp, capturesbyrenzo, keny_vp, thedreadwxlf, etc

In what ways has virtual photography enhanced your gaming experience?

Welllllll, before getting into VP I didn’t pause games as much as I do now hahaha but it’s incredible how we can make art in different ways!

What is the most challenging aspect of virtual photography for you?

The camera movement and sometimes the lights, taking FF7 as an example but tbh sometimes I feel kinda frustrated because I want to continue a game, but I can’t stop taking photos! It’s addictive! And I have to admit that sometimes I have compared myself with other users based on the number of likes.

How do you decide what photo to take when gaming?

It could be for any reason! Maybe I like the spot, the light, the pose, the outfit, even the music I’m listening to at that moment.

Lovely! We have five questions, ready to answer?

If you were to be a game character, who would you be?

I was thinking, in a Tarnished (Elden Ring) but that would be frustrating and painful hahaha.

Maybe... to live in peace... a trainer from Pokemon, I mean your life spins around on combats, you heal your Pokemon, and you catch more… but if I want something extreme, I guess I’ll choose Dante or Nero from Devil May Cry.

You can only choose one. Which one will it be? — the ability to play Horizon Forbidden West forever but only for 45 minutes every day or the ability to play any game you want without playing restrictions however you won’t be able to take any photos from them.

Oh man, that’s a really hard question! I’ll keep the second one, hahaha there comes a time when the same game gets very boring.

You can only play one of the two — Elden Ring or Final Fantasy VII Remake; which will it be?

Nooooooo! This is getting harder! I really like the open world from Elden Ring, the bosses, places, and story... but with Final Fantasy VII Remake; I love the characters, the storyline, the goofy jokes, the characters...I already said the characters? Hehe, because the characters are the best! I guess I’ll choose Final Fantasy VII, my heart belongs to Tifa and Aerith!

Haha! Totally understand you.

Can you share a gaming/virtual photography experience that had an emotional impact on you?

When I started, it was at the same time that I often had anxiety attacks, so taking pictures has helped me not only to relax but also to explore my creativity even more.

What’s your favorite quote from a game?

“To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and Survive” from Ellie (The Last of Us Pt.I)

Thanks for sharing. Moving on…

When did you first learn about Picashot?

It has been maybe a year or two since I discovered this incredible app thanks to other users like Secondcaptures

What’s your favorite Picashot feature?

The albums. I like to organize my work and find it easily.

Are there any features you'd like to see on Picashot?

No, I think it’s perfect in the way it is.

Thank you, Karla.

Any advice for aspiring virtual photographers?

Don’t give up. Take hundreds of photos if necessary, explore new ideas, recreate another, listen to music, and get inspired by real-life photos. Don’t focus only on photos, just game and be constant.

Thank you for sharing your VP story with us, Karla! We look forward to more delightful gaming photos on Picashot.

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